What would you say

Editor’s note: So – the rest of my posts are going to be out of order because I never published them…but I feel my story needs to be heard.

So, I’m a Jesus lover. Like really. I love me some Jesus and He loves me. Well. The church found out that I left my husband…..

Okay, I know I drop the f bomb a lot, but I still love me some Jesus…He hears my heart, and knows I have a sailor’s mouth…

So, since I go to such a small church and am best friends with the pastor’s wife, loving unconditionally has been the theme of every service for a month. Fuck that shit. I do love unconditionally…but I also love myself enough to walk away from the shitstorm and realize I have a need to be healthy. And my kids should be seeing a healthy marriage, not some idiots screaming insults and absurdities to each other. Tell me how that’s Godly…. ugh.

Then, there’s the rest of the congregation… Please stay married and honor God. Honor the promise you made before the Lord. I honor and value what God has in His plans for me. And let me tell you – He didn’t plan on me being in a marriage where I felt worthless and abused. He has better plans for me. He has forgiven me for breaking that promise because He loves me unconditionally…

Now, let me publish this and hear all the comments on God and what He thinks. I talk to Jesus. We got it going on.

There’s that.

#iheartJesus #welltheresthat #fuckthatshit #sailorsmouth #stillachristian


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