Here I sit….

Here I sit.

Age:  33

Kids:  two

Marital status:  Divorced.

Life status:  A.  Mess.

Here I sit.  Realizing what a cluster fuck I have embarked on.  Who the hell wants their own happiness anyway?  Geesh.  Is that too much to ask for?  Really?  I’m a 33 year-old mother of two sons and I am newly divorced.  Like today’s the day.  There are so many questions to ask myself.  And I guess, I’m here to help the next girl who’s going through the same shit, but on a different day.  It’s July 11.  Really.  You couldn’t have picked a different day other than 7/11…..well 7/11 is open 24/7, so I guess this shit is on.

Life status:  Living with a friend and her soon to be husband.  This friend, whom shall not be named, is  so wonderful to be lending us two bedrooms of her new to her home.  Her fiance isn’t living here until they’re married.  At this point, after my ex-husband took “half” the money out of the bank account – which in reality there wasn’t a half to take, there was just enough to cover the bills since our spending has been off the charts, I’m broke and she’s not even charging me rent.  I’m paying for groceries, which, until August, my ex-husband has to pay for half of the cc bill!  Charge away, my friend.

At 33 years old, I can’t get my own house (my name is still on the mortgage of the old house), I am living with a friend, I have two kids, my finances meek, and I am………….





Well, there’s that.  Guess I’m going to go exercise.


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